What Is Access Control Management?

Access control is an important component of effectively managing the flow of people and restricting access where there is a need. The use of padlocks and keys are becoming less useful as the modern era evolves with technology. Businesses require better crowd control options to deliver an improved customer service relationship and keep people safe at all times. From a health and safety perspective, access control solutions can be used to stop employees from entering unsafe areas.

Access Control Management & Paxton Access

The use of access control has proven to be extremely beneficial for organisation’s with large volumes of people entering and exiting the building, helping with crowd control, improving customer service relationships and ensuring everyone is safe. Our access control system is manufactured by Paxton Access, which offer a variety of product’s comprising of innovative features which move beyond simple access control. The benefits you will gain from Paxton Access security include;

  • Paxton technology only emits power to users with correct access permissions – ensuring health & safety regulations are met as trained staff only have access
  • Paxton product’s use proximity energy saving reader’s to ensure all staff members are kept safe when using equipment & working with dangerous machinery
  • Paxton product’s have the option to control who power’s the system – ensuring only trained staff have access, ensuring health & safety guidelines are met

Health & Safety Benefits Of Access Control Management

Choosing an access control system is an important financial decision for many organisations. That is why it is of high importance to select a system matching your requirements and being highly reliable. Implementing an access control system can feel like a big change in company practice. The access control system you select should give the benefit of additional security without requiring time-consuming administration. The use of access control comprises of a range of health and safety benefits including;

1. Preventing people accessing dangerous or sensitive areas on site – helping reduce risk of accidents to staff & customers

2. Increasing anti-intrusion – preventing personnel & non-authorised vehicles from accessing areas exclusively designed for authorised personnel

3. Capacity control at entrances of buildings – providing the possibility to have higher control over people entering & exiting the premises

4. Improved safety precautions – authorised user is able to immediately identify specific information in the event of an emergency

5. Increased productivity – ability to track time of entry & exit from personnel, helping monitor performance

6. Reduced time spent on capacity & security management allowing for an enhancement of quality in provision of services

Access control is extremely beneficial for organisations and large premises. The advantages do not only include security, but access control management also provides a range of health and safety benefits. It is important to ensure your organisation follows the health and safety regulations provided by the HSE as these are a legal requirement. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines and in some cases, prosecution.

In-House Trained Engineers

At Project Skills Solutions we offer a range of access control services using Paxton Access technology. Paxton Access utilise the latest technology to provide powerful, easy to install and security solutions. Paxton technology are designed for a range of sectors including education, healthcare, retail, leisure, commercial and the public sector. Our engineers have completed a variation of projects of all sizes completed to a high standard.

Our engineers are highly experienced and trained. What makes our engineer’s differ is they are also in-house trained regularly to ensure every engineer’s knowledge is constantly updated. Our trainer’s are from our second division – Project Skills Solutions – Training, to provide the education to ensure all engineer’s are competent to complete jobs at a high standard.

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