The A13 highway running across South Essex into London has a fibre ring that runs the length from Averley into the City of London.

This length of fibre cable is used to connect cameras monitoring traffic along the highway and was damaged by a utilities provider. The fibre cable had to be replaced urgently and cameras re-connected.

Fusion Spliced Fibre Cable

A new 16 core 9/125 single-mode fibre was pulled along the side of the A13 into existing ducting. The old cable was cut and removed and the new cable re-terminated into an existing cabinet wall box and an existing roadside cabinet patch panel, all cores were fusion spliced through and at the other end onto new fc/pc pigtails.

On completion the fibre was OTDR tested and the cameras re-connected.

External Fibre in Any Weather

You may notice in some of our images, we use a tent to protect equipment and cable from the elements while we terminate. If you need your fibre optic cable repaired fast, we can come out whatever the weather.

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