There is a range of access control system manufacturers, however Paxton products have remained a brand leader to this day. Not only does Paxton have versatile products. They’re also easy to use and effective, standing out against numerous competitors.

Here at Project Skills Solutions, we use Paxton’s products for many installation jobs, and they have never let us down!

But what are the benefits of Paxton’s access control systems?


The use of access control eliminates the need for staff requiring keys. Access control provides convenience as PIN codes, electronic FOBs and key cards are much safer and more convenient to use compared to a key. Access control offers an efficient and cost-effective approach of controlling who has access into and out of your building.


Eliminating conventional locks and keys with access control systems is a critical step to creating a safer environment. It is comon for keys to go missing and locks to be replaced, which inevitably leads to unauthorised key copying. Access control systems remove the likelihood of critical problems occurring.


Paxton access control systems automatically lock the doors once closed. Without a PIN – no one is granted access, ensuring no trespassers will be allowed within the premises. Paxton products provide safety and ensure this remains a priority at all times.

4. SECURITY 24/7

All businesses have to protect assets and employees while allowing people to move freely within areas needed in an organisation. It’s common for doors to be left unlocked all day within buildings secured by locks and keys. However, this enhances the chances of theft occurring. By taking away the need to rely on people remembering to lock a door, the chance of theft goes down.


Paxton are specialists with access control. The company is made up of a development team focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose and contain key features that help organisations to operate smoothly. With the use of Paxton’s products, you’ll be guaranteed reliability and high quality.

The Future Is Access Control…

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective method of controlling who has access into and out of a building and when that access is allowed. Installing an access control system means you will never have to change a lock again.

Why Project Skills Solutions?

We are an approved installer of all Paxton Access Control products. Our access control installation services offer diverse and dynamic solutions with the use of leading access control brands, including the brand leader, Paxton.

For further information on the access control installation services we offer, take a look at what we do.

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