Project Skills Solutions have been installing fibre optic cables since 2004. This has allowed us to accumulate vast experience and knowledge to apply to the fibre optic works we perform.

2022 has seen our fibre optic cable installation projects grow, requiring our services to expand.

Installing Fibre Optic Cables

The Government’s manifesto commitment was to deliver nationwide gigabit- broadband by 2025. This has seen a surge in fibre optic cable installation throughout the UK. This has provided us with the opportunity to apply our fibre-cabling experience to new contracts for Altnets and 1st Tier contractors to meet the broadband rollout.

The efficient delivery of these projects is dependent on specialist equipment and skilled labour which are all in short supply. So as all companies scramble to find resources we have the unique advantage of having a training division. This has been crucial in supporting our recruitment of new entrants to the industry to work alongside our experienced fibre cabling installers. This gives us the ability to scale up our fibre cabling division to meet our client’s fibre optic rollout programs.

The fibre cabling projects have involved:

Fibre Cabling Engineers

PSS installations are all set for further expansion in 2023 investing heavily in equipment and training our fibre cabling engineers. Developing the range of fibre cabling services.

These services are available 24/7 on contracted works throughout the UK. If you are looking for a reliable fibre optic cabling contractor who is always raising the bar on service delivery please contact us today.


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