PSS Installations have recently moved into a new office in Basildon, Essex. Our new location required a range of our skills including, full electrical installation, data cabling network, CCTV, HVAC and fire alarm installation.

The Installation Project

PSS Installations new office started as a large empty building, all rooms had to be built from scratch including a training room, offices, toilets, kitchen and workshop. Suspended ceilings were installed throughout making later installation of lights and air conditioning smoother.

Electrical Installation

The new office required a complete electrical installation, including all lighting and power. When designing the lighting we chose to use energy-efficient technology and energy efficiency was a consistent theme throughout the new office build. So much so that even though our new location is twice the size of our old, our energy consumption is actually lower.

Data Cabling Services

A complete data and communications network was required throughout the building, our engineers installed cat6 cables to handle both data and communication signals. Trunking was used to carry cables to office desks, where they were terminated (face plates information?). All cables were terminated into patch panels in the server room.

Air Conditioning & Fire Alarm

Not all rooms in our new offices have windows giving access to fresh air, so ventilation has been installed throughout including the server room to keep equipment cool.

4 Air Conditioning systems were installed, 2 single split and 2 twin split. A total of 6 ceiling units were installed, controlled by wall-mounted panels.

IP CCTV System

Digital IP CCTV system was installed with 7 HD cameras were installed externally and internally and patched into the server room, images can be viewed through a computer or smartphone using the internet anywhere. The CCTV was designed to give personnel coverage of the external perimeter including loading bays and internal public areas. All displayed images are recorded on a CMX tower for a month.

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