When our client has a failure on their intelligent traffic system and it involves the fibre cable then they call us. Their expectation is for prompt attendance, locating and repairing the fault to get the critical network back online. PSS installations have fully equipped vehicles and trained engineers to carry out fibre optic repairs to meet these expectations.

Fibre Optic Repair

Our engineer Luke had to attend due to a damaged fibre optic cabinet following a road traffic collision for ‘SICE’. SICE is a systems integration technology company and a key client of ours that we have carried out many fibre repairs in the past.

The incident took down 55 cameras that give critical updates to traffic on a stretch of the A13 and needed to be reconnected and repaired urgently. This initially required a new roadside cabinet to be installed as the collision had taken out the original. So, locating the fault was not difficult knowing the cabling had been damaged in the cabinet due to the collision. The fibre optic repair works included the strip back & fusion splice and OTDR tests on both 16 and 64-core os1 single-mode fibre cables.

Within a single day of work, Luke reconnected and tested all 55 cameras that were disconnected in the incident and got them back online for the client.

So what is exceptional about this well firstly Luke is a director of the company and a fibre optic expert. Secondly, knowing the importance of this time-critical failure and in-depth knowledge of the network attended himself.

Our aim is to meet any challenges our clients put to us in maintaining exceptional levels of service resulting in satisfied clients.

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