Upgrading Traffic Monitoring System on A13 in Essex/London with Fibre Optic Installation

PSS Installation recently completed a significant project involving the upgrade of the A13 traffic monitoring system. The project was to reconfigure the network topology to provide additional fibre circuits. This upgrade enabled faster data transmission and high-definition CCTV camera capabilities.

The successful implementation of the project, emphasizes the technical expertise, safety precautions, and timely execution by our highly trained engineers.

Fibre optic installation

PSS Installations was called in to assist our long-standing client to upgrade the traffic monitoring systems network cabling. The new high-definition CCTV cameras required the existing external network ring cabling to be reconfigured to provide additional fibre circuits. This required works to be carried out alongside one of the main artery roads into London. These works included

  • Traffic Management
  • Spare fibre identification
  • Fibre Cable installation
  • Fusion slicing
  • Fibre Optic Cable Testing

Fibre Optic Project Overview

The project’s primary objective was to enhance the efficiency and performance of the traffic monitoring system. With the rapid growth in traffic volume, the client needed to improve the data transmission capabilities and HD CCTV cameras. Utilising our extensive experience in fibre optic projects, we were entrusted with the responsibility of executing the project. This required initial surveying to propose suitable methods to minimize downtime to final commissioning.

Upgrade Process:

Our upgrade process involved a meticulous approach that achieved uninterrupted traffic monitoring during the fibre optic installation. Our engineers carefully located spare fibres and employed fusion-slicing techniques to establish new communication paths between the CCTV cameras and MUX units.

A total of 120 new monitoring points were integrated into the system, along with the installation of data switches and the required fibre cabling. The project demanded a swift execution as the cameras could not be non-operational for more than a few hours.

Technical Expertise and Safety Precautions

The success of the fibre optic installation project was reliant on the technical proficiency of our engineers, who possessed specialized training in fibre optic installations. Working on the side of the A13, one of the busiest roads into London, our team adhered to stringent safety measures to ensure their well-being and minimize any potential disruptions to traffic flow. The combination of technical expertise and safety consciousness allowed us to execute the project efficiently and effectively.

Benefits and Results

The completion of the fiber optic installation project brought numerous benefits to the client and the overall traffic monitoring system on the A13. The upgraded system enabled faster data transmission, leading to enhanced real-time monitoring and response capabilities. Additionally, the integration of high-definition CCTV cameras significantly improved the quality of video surveillance. This facilitates more accurate identification of incidents and improved traffic management. We were able to complete it within the allotted timeframe, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted traffic flow.


Project Skills Solutions Installations Division successfully undertook the task of upgrading the traffic monitoring system along the A13 in Essex/London through a comprehensive fibre optic installation project. With their expertise spanning over 20 years in fibre optic installation projects, the team executed the project with technical excellence and a strong focus on safety. The upgraded system now enables faster data transmission, high-definition CCTV capabilities, and improved traffic management, highlighting the successful collaboration between our company and the client.

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