One of our clients’ buildings had a requirement for air conditioning to be supplied and installed in several areas of the building (CCTV room, meeting room, breakout room and locker room). Several areas that required air conditioning were south facing and temperatures often reached 30°C, so it was important to get air conditioning system designed correctly and installed and working quickly to create a comfortable working temperature.

Air Conditioning Installation

Due to asbestos products above the false ceiling void, all indoor air conditioning units installed were wall mounted. All pipe work, drainage and cabling had to be supported utilising either the new partition walls (non-asbestos material) or existing supports above the ceiling grid only.

As there was only a single phase electrical supply present, we could only install single split units instead of multi-units.

Our engineers installed the outdoor condensing units at the rear of the building (see images), indoor units were fitted at high level on the walls.

Once install was complete, engineers strength tested pipe work and units to 40 Bar for a period of ten minutes and then leak tested at 33 Bar for a further 8 hours to ensure integrity of system. Oxygen free nitrogen was used to facilitate this testing, once completed the systems were evacuated of air and moisture to a value of 2 Torr which was held for a period of 10 minutes without rising, ensuring all moisture removed.

The improvement to room temperature was quickly noticeable, and all occupying staff were very pleased with results. Staff were instructed in the use of unit controllers before our engineers left site.

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