When a fibre optic cable is damaged it generally takes down a major communications path and has both commercial and operational communication impact on a business.

Fast Fibre Optic Cable Repair

PSS Installations receive emergency callouts to damaged fibre optic cables on a frequent basis. Fibre optic cables can be damaged easily, particularly when they are buried and not detected by Cat & Genny utility scans. Another common cause of failure is rodent damage as they often frequent the same locations as the fibre optic cables.

Our response has to be fast and our engineers equipped to carry out initial repairs to get the Fibre Optic network back up and working. This is generally followed by a return visit to install a permanent fix to the problem to ensure that there is no future re-occurrence.

Damaged Fibre Optic Cables repair services

In 2013 our engineers have been called out to a rising number of damaged fibre optic cables as the construction industry starts to come back to life. This has led to our fibre optic engineers having to attend remote and challenging sites to carry out emergency fibre optic cable repairs in London and the South of England.

Major container port in Essex had a Fibre optic cable damaged which took down the fibre optic backbone resulting in the LAN going down in several offices. Our client called and our engineers were on-site within two hours. The Fibre Optic cable had been damaged during excavation so the fault took no time to trace. The cable had to have a Pedcap joint installed to get the fibre optic cable up and running with a full replacement at a date when it was convenient to take down the network.

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