PSS Installations are commercial air conditioning experts based in Basildon, Essex servicing the South-East of England. Our Air Con engineers are fully experience in working in all forms of commercial premises and understand that in carrying out their work they must minimise any impact to environment and occupants. PSS Installations provide a range of services beyond HVAC to provide you with a simple resourcing option of all related services, including communications and network cabling, fibre optic, electrical services, CCTV and more. Our range of capabilities make flexible and adaptable for our clients.
We provide air conditioning services to a variety of industries and have worked in a range of environments.

Office Air Conditioning

Most modern offices have heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems installed. Keeping staff at a comfortable temperature not only makes sense from a staff efficiency and morale perspective but is also a legal requirement. UK law places a legal obligation on employers to provide a “reasonable” temperature in working environments to employees. When air conditioning systems go wrong you need to be confident in your ability to get things fixed quickly. We offer service level agreements tailored to meet your exact requirements to maintain your buildings systems and get there fast when things fail.

Air Conditioning in Education Establishments

Modern schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities are turning to HVAC systems to keep their classrooms at the ideal temperature year round. HVAC systems can both heat and cool a building providing a modern alternative to traditional central heating. This means that they also need full support throughout the working life of the climate control systems which can be found with our commercial air conditioning services. Planned and reactive maintenance keep your air conditioning systems working efficiently and help to identify any likely failures before they occur. Furthermore when your systems need upgrading then we can offer a full range of air conditioning installation services.

Commercial Air Conditioning services for Server Rooms

Critical environments such as server rooms that utilise air conditioning systems require them to function efficiently 24/7. In order to achieve this you need professional commercial air conditioning services that can design a system to eliminate single points of failure. Split and multiply systems will build in a level of redundancy required to maintain a controlled climate until the failure can be identified and repaired.


We install air conditioning equipment from a range of manufacturers; our preferred manufacturers include Mitsubishi, Samsung and Daikin.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning systems
PSS Installations are a specialist Mitsubishi installer, installing Mitsubishi units for schools, commercial units, offices and industrial buildings. Our Air Conditioning engineers can recommend the best equipment to use in your installation, and will give you the reasons for their choice. If you have a preferred manufacturer in mind, we can install almost any brand of HVAC equipment.

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