Damaged & Broken Fibre Optic Cables

When installing fibre optic cable it is important to ensure care is taken during the installation of it to ensure the cable is not kinked, stretched or deformed. In many cases, it is much better if the fibre core breaks making it fail resulting in the total loss of signal and alert there is a fault. It is a much worse case if the fibre optic core is deformed or kinked during installation which can cause signal distortion which can result in an intermittent fault or poor data signal which is you may not be aware of and requires specialist equipment to test. As a result, a damaged fibre optic cable is much worse than being broken. This is why it is important to have a fibre cabling specialist company when having fibre optic cabling installed.

Here at Project Skills Solutions, we offer a range of installation services and repairs. PSS have years of fibre optic cabling experience across a range of industrial sectors including MOD, petrochemical, educational, financial and commerce. Our engineers at PSS have proven their capability to deliver successful fibre optic cabling projects and our clients are assured of quality and professional design and installation services. Our quality assurance means your fibre optic cables are less likely to break or damage.

If your fibre optic cable is damaged, then one of the following may be the cause;

  • Damaged fibre cable?
  • Cut through a fibre cable?
  • Crushed fibre cable?
  • Rodent-damaged fibre cable?
  • Fibre cable kink?
  • Fibre optic cable installed wrongly
  • Installation fault with fibre
  • Fibre micro bend?
  • Is a fibre joint broken?

Damaged Fibre Optic Cable?

If you have any of these concerns then your fibre optic cables may need to be repaired. Our engineers here at Project Skills Solutions offer a wide range of fibre optic installation services and repairs including;

  •      Internal Fibre Optic Installation
  •      Fibre Optic Cable Repairs
  •      Fibre Optic Equipment
  •      Fibre Optic Installation
  •      Fibre Optic Testing
  •      Fibre Splicer & Termination

Fibre Optic Cable Repairs

Fibre optic cables are extremely reliable allowing them to be used in critical data communications and control transmission operations. A failure in these cables can mean major problems can occur and a fast reliable fibre optic repair will be needed.

If your fibre optic network has failed due to a cut or a broken fibre cable, you will require a fast and responsive fibre optic repair in order to get your communications network back online.

Fibre Optic Cable Repair

Here at Project Skills Solutions, our engineers have extensive experience with repairing damaged cables from major cable destruction, construction activities involving excavation, simple termination failures and rodent damage and many more. Below, we have listed some of the most common fibre optic cable repairs we have;

Rodent Damage

Rodent damage can affect companies all over the country; cables in the countryside are just as susceptible as cables in the city (old cellars in particular). Evidence shows that rodents are not uniquely attracted to one type of cable. All types of cable, for example, thermoplastic (PVC), rubber and lead sheathed cables, seem at risk of attack. If your fibre optic cable is damaged this can not only bring your network to a halt but can also be costly to repair.

Prevention is the best cure. You can select a wiring system that protects your network from rodents, such as:

  • Steel conduit, or trunking
  • Mineral-insulated, metal-sheathed cables
  • Steel taped armoured cable
  • Thermoplastic (PVC) sheathed cables having galvanized steel braid covering
  • Steel capping to protect short exposed runs of thermoplastic (pvc) insulated and sheathed cables

Another preventative measure is to use a CSD RISE duct seal system visit, Thorne & Derrick, for more information.


Dig-ups are one of the most common causes of fibre optic cable damage, according to Dan Crawford, President of Network Services. Often excavators will fail to notify facility owners before digging starts, and will not realise where cables are. Sometimes excavators will dig through expecting to repair the cable after without realising it is fibre optic cable (which is more costly to repair).

Fibre Cable Repairs

Project Skills Solutions offer professional cable repairs, our expert engineers understand how important it is to get your communications network back up and running. If you have a fibre optic cable failure due to damage then you require fast and responsive assistance to get your network back up and running. Get in touch with our sales team on 0800 0213 264.

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