Here at Project Skills Solutions, we offer a range of installation services to help improve your business standards. Increasing security with our installation services will help protect your business, staff and nearby surroundings. With crime rates constantly increasing the use of CCTV can help reduce chances of a crime occurring. But before we get into discussing the benefits of CCTV, let’s start off by explaining what CCTV is.

What Is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. It’s a TV system where signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.

PSS CCTV Installation Services

We provide CCTV installation for our clients and customers for your business or even the comfort of your own home. Here at PSS we always go the extra mile to ensure we have met your requirements because of our mission to provide the perfect service.

Remote Access

Along with our CCTV installation services we also offer the option of remote access with our CCTV cameras. Which means you’ll be able to view your CCTV footage live – anytime and anywhere allowing you to have greater control of your CCTV cameras. Having remote access has a vast range of benefits like being able to identify problems, help protect your property from theft, and even protect your staff from danger.

Tailoring Your Needs

Project Skills Solutions always seek to ensure our clients are satisfied. We will work alongside you to create tailored CCTV cameras whilst providing the required level of protection at affordable prices. Here at PSS, we have installed CCTV cameras for a range of companies so we have plenty of experience in this field. For further information read our case studies.

Payment Plans

If you don’t want the initial outlay of capital you can pay monthly for any of our CCTV installation services you require. We offer clients the option to pay monthly with our leasing options. In order to discuss having a payment plan call our sales team today on 0800 0213 264.

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