It’s International Women’s Day, and at PSS Installations, we recognise there is often a gender imbalance in the industries we work in. Due to this, we work hard at creating a safe and supportive environment for all of our current and future colleagues. We do this by ensuring no bias is held during the hiring process, and opportunities for training and progression are open to all employees that desire them.

Along with hiring new apprentices this year, we have upheld our commitment to giving opportunities to female employees who want to move into the electrical works space. The industry we work in can often be seen as male-dominated, with an average of less than 1% of electricians being female. 12% of the electricians at PSS are female, meaning that we are currently above the national average and are continually adding more talent to the PSS team.

Ensuring that everyone has as equal an opportunity as possible is great for everyone involved. Of course, the employee that may have had a challenge finding the right place for them can feel safe and welcome working for PSS, but from a business and customer point of view, a workforce with mixed backgrounds and gender tackles many problems. In our space, having more female electricians is beneficial as particular residents or projects may ask for a female to work on the property due to a resident’s religion, background or preference. This gives us confidence that we can complete our projects with a high standard of work whilst hitting fewer hurdles that may slow down progression.

Finally, if you are looking for an opportunity with a diverse and friendly installations team, check out our vacancies page to see if we have anything that suits you.

If there isn’t one listed that suits your background, send us an email at with your CV and details, and we will see if we have anything that fits your experience.


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