Air Conditioning and CCTV Installation, lease purchase of the equipment

Get the equipment your company needs today, pay for it monthly and then still own it at the end of the agreement.

Installed now, pay later.

There are many benefits of leasing;

  • Keep cash within your business
  • Offset payments against corporate tax
  • Fixed and structured payments to suited to your needs
  • Upgrade equipment at any time over the lease period

We can provide businesses with a lease- purchase quote on an Air Conditioning or CCTV installation to help your business save money. You can contact us today about the option to lease purchase your equipment when having a quote sent over.

By paying cash, the amount you can deduct from your tax bill is limited to capital allowances on the purchase. Also don’t forget the interest (or other return on capital employed- “ROCE”) that is lost.

If you have been sent a quote for your installation you can ask us about the options to lease. We will then send you a break down of what the cost would be to lease vs buy. With a lease purchase you can save money and then spread the cost.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our installations team.


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