Here at PSS Installations, we believe our customer service sets us aside from our competition. We make it our mission to understand the problems our clients face and to provide the solutions they need. If you need a system installed but can’t cover the whole cost of it upfront, then speak to us about some of the leasings options that are available.

Whether you need air conditioning, heating, or a new CCTV system, we can work with you to find a solution. We recognise that certain systems are crucial to running your business. For example, operating without air conditioning reduces productivity and a lack of security could put valuable assets at risk. This article will explain in detail the services we offer and how you and your organisation can benefit from leasing. 



cctv camera

Latest figures suggest at least 50% of current CCTV installations are financed through leasing. It’s becoming a popular option because CCTV 

systems provide value to a business with immediate effect. A company can immediately implement a secure and safe environment for its employees. Then, the workforce can continue to work in increased safety. As mentioned in our blog on Door Access Control, stress and accidents at work are two of the biggest causes of absence from work. Morale and productivity levels rise in workplaces where employees are certain of their safety. So leasing a CCTV set and paying it back over a period of time could be highly beneficial to your business.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are key to providing a comfortable working environment for staff.

It would be very unusual to not have some sort of efficient air ventilation and conditioning systems in the workplace.

The Health and Safety Executive recommends temperatures between 16 and 27 degrees celsius for sedentary workers to be safe.

It’s very common for the temperature to drop below 16 in winter and to rise above 27 in summer.  July 2019 bought us the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK at an astounding 38.7 degrees celsius. In this case, working without air conditioning would be completely unsafe and unacceptable. HVAC systems are now more important than ever. Leasing provides the option to acquire them while spreading the cost and protecting your capital budget.



By leasing equipment instead of buying it, you can actually benefit from tax relief and end up paying less corporation tax overall. 

Because you aren’t investing large sums of money in one go, you can keep a hold of your cash reserves. You can then use the equipment you have leased to help immediately increase your profits, thus help to effectively reduce the payments you will be making. 

A lot of companies like to lease equipment because lease rentals are 100% tax-deductible, meaning that all payments that go towards the equipment are written off against the company’s tax bill. 


To have this explained in more detail and understand exactly how we can help you in your situation, contact us and speak to a member of our experienced team. 

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