Introducing the next step in access control, Paxton 10. The latest door access system from Paxton builds on the overwhelming popularity of their Net 2 system. Now you can integrate your door access system with other site safety systems to streamline the management of your site or sites.

What is Paxton 10?

Paxton 10 combines features of building security to create a single platform solution. Control almost all aspects of building management through one user-friendly portal, interface external platforms with your Paxton system and gain complete control of your site.

If you haven’t come across Paxton before, Paxton is a market-leading security solutions company with over 30 years of experience. Their systems secure around 25,000 buildings every year, equipment manufactured in Britain, Paxton offers unrivalled technical support before, during and after your installation.

Your site simplified

In today’s world of smartphones and notifications, we expect every digital platform we touch to be user-friendly, intuitive and straightforward to use. We wouldn’t expect it to take hours to learn how to use the latest smartphone, so why accept it in our working environment?

Paxton 10 is versatile. It works with 3rd party systems to integrate your fire alarm, intruder alarm, lights, air conditioning, heating and more, all in one easy to use app. More on that later. [link to app description content].

Office administration

Set up is easy; use the browser-based software to add users in seconds wherever you are. Set users up with a proximity card to tap in and out of doors, alternatively, set up Bluetooth smart credentials. Use your smartphone or smartwatch to gain access, no card to lose.

Split up areas of your building in line with staff roles, needs and requirements. Include access control and area separation in risk assessments to improve the safety of your team.


PAxton 10 mobile, web app and software

Paxton 10 integrates easily with 3rd party products and systems, allowing you to have one system to control all aspects of your building or multiple sites. Integrate your intruder alarm, fire alarm, CCTV, biometrics, build integrations yourself to connect with new 3rd parties or your any existing internal systems you might use.

  • Simplify arming and disarming alarms in different areas
  • Reduce the risk of accidental alarm activation
  • Automatically release all doors in the event of a fire
  • Improved control for larger sites

Combine access control and CCTV seamlessly to match situations, such as opening a door, to the CCTV footage. Quickly look back at events you need to find on your footage, check the image assigned to a user is the person using their credentials and more.

Simple, user-friendly software

One piece of software, tailored to your needs, accessible from anywhere, giving you complete control of your sites.

Use the browser-based software to create a custom dashboard, if entry and exit logs for your front door are useful, add them to the dashboard, so your front desk has the information in front of them at all times. Generate a custom report to review security and events. Access your site plan, easy visual management of your system. Easily add, remove, or temporarily block users.

Download and use the app. Easily have access to a list of users in the building, along with their photo. Perfect for role call in the event of a fire.

The web-based software, and the app, are both free of charge. It is regularly updated as new features become available and no license fee.

Perfect door access solution

If you’re considering building management solutions for the first time, or looking to improve your existing system, speak to our team to find out how Paxton 10 can help your business today.

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