PSS Installations offer our business clients tax-efficient air conditioning leasing options on all their Air Conditioning System requirements. This allows you to get the Air Conditioning system you require installed today without any major capital outlay. The lease payment terms can be set up to 5 years allowing you to budget these costs at a manageable level. Plus at the end of the term for a nominal sum, you take over the title of the Air conditioning system for full ownership for the rest of its working life.


Air Conditioning Leasing in London, Essex and UK Wide

  • Protect your capital budget for other aspects of the business
  • Acquire your Air Conditioning system now
  • Spread the cost with terms from 1 to 5 years
  • The full value of all rentals paid under the agreement can be fully offset against corporation tax and as a result, are 100% tax-deductible
  • Upgrade the Air Conditioning System at any time after 50% of the lease term and take advantage of the latest technology

Free Air Conditioning Surveys in London, Essex and UK Wide

Companies eligibility for leasing can be quickly checked and confirmed before proceeding with surveys and quotations. This allows clients to budget costs before surveys and Air Conditioning system installation.

Note if clients have a combination of system requirements across our servicesĀ i.e. CCTV systems, and Fire AlarmsĀ then they could be added to the leasing package.


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