We are committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Project Skills Solutions are passionate about protecting the environment, which is why we are committed and working towards minimising our Carbon emissions with a net-zero target by 2030. We will achieve this by demonstrating high standards of environmental responsibility in all of our services and associated activities.

Our strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions

  • Reviewing, monitoring and analysing our carbon emissions throughout the business.
  • Strategic decision making for improving the areas of all our services identified as carbon emitters.
  • Planning an achievable roadmap to reach our goals
  • Implementation of agreed changes following regular reviews and monitoring.
  • Communication, training and support for our staff in the implementation of our carbon neutral plans.

What we have already achieved towards becoming a net-zero business.

With a dedication to becoming a net-zero business, we ensure that our office spaces use energy from 100% renewable resources. Following that, we have 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points at our office as we have begun to move over to electric vehicles and vans. Currently, 17% of our fleet are fully electric, with plans to review the possibility of replacing our non-electric vans with electric ones when battery range is not a logistical issue for our services.

Our office spaces are heated through air conditioning, meaning that we have no gas supplied to the building. We then ensure that our heating systems and services are in line with the manufacturer’s guidance to prevent leaks.

Finally, we have given our engineers the ability to complete training courses and take part in toolbox talks without coming into the office. This has been carried out through our new eLearning platform (that we use to deliver training courses) or through zoom meetings, reducing their travel time and carbon use.

We have started to transition to a net-zero business and hope that as we make further progress, other firms embrace methods to work toward a net-zero environment.


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