Electric cars are rising in popularity in the UK with over 160,000 charging ports already installed. With the selection of affordable electric cars constantly increasing, they are quickly becoming an appealing prospect for a number of reasons. We’re going to discuss the advantages of electric vehicles and find the main advantages of these innovative machines which are quickly becoming an excellent alternative to fossil-fueled transport.

electric vehicle and charging port 1. Affordability

For many people, the cost is what it all comes down to. It’s no secret that the price is important. At first glance, many people are immediately put off by electric vehicles as traditional cars appear to be better value for money. 

But don’t let their pricing fool you. In the long run, electric vehicles are many times cheaper to run than normal vehicles. This is mostly due to the near-complete removal of refuelling costs as two of the three available charging ports are entirely free. 

The only downside would be the charging times, with the slower charging stations taking 8 hours to fully recharge.

To avoid long waiting times, most users tend to top up their cars as they go along. The fastest recharging option is provided by rapid-charging ports which supply 80% battery charge in just half an hour. 

Using the rapid-charging stations find your nearest click here for half an hour will only cost about £6.50. In addition to cheap fuel, electric vehicle owners gain the added benefit of paying no road tax, provided their car costs less than £40,000


2. Environmentally friendly

This is perhaps the main advantage of electric vehicles.  We are all becoming increasingly aware of our carbon footprints and the damage that is being inflicted on the planet.

Electric vehicles are fueled by a renewable source of energy.  This provides a fresh and modern alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, and at the rate we are burning through them they’re also unsustainable.

Eventually, electric vehicles will be inevitable. Many are simply taking the opportunity to make the switch to the zero-emission alternative early.


3. Improving health

Another advantage of electric vehicles is a significant reduction in air pollution. Imagine all the fumes that pedestrians inadvertently breathe in daily just from walking the streets of a busy city. Then scale that up – weeks, months, years on end of inhaling harmful fumes from vehicles is bound to have a serious negative impact on our wellbeing. 

Now imagine living in a city where everyone drives electric cars. Not only would there be no fumes at all, but because electric cars are near-silent there would also be no noise pollution. It’s almost impossible to imagine, but that kind of futuristic setting is a reality we’re steadily heading towards.

Electric vehicles present the opportunity to stop harming the planet and its inhabitants. Humans and animals would suffer less and the planet could start to recover from the aggressive manner in which we have been excavating fossil fuels for so many years. 


electric vehicle and charging cable

4. Perfect for a busy city lifestyle

On the topic of busy cities, another advantage of electric vehicles is that they are perfect for living in such an environment. They’re great for making lots of short trips as there are lots of rapid-charging stations in built-up areas, meaning vehicles can always remain topped up. 

They also have zero emissions and will create a healthier environment for inhabitants of highly-populated areas. Research has shown that electric cars emit drastically lower levels of greenhouse gases than combustion cars do. 


5. Smooth driving experience

Last but not least, electric vehicles offer a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. It’s not just the near-silent cruising which is pleasant.

The ability to drive by mostly just using one pedal is also highly appealing to those who prefer an easy ride. 

Electric cars will naturally slow down as soon as you lift off the throttle, meaning drivers will rarely need to use the break. This makes driving in constant stop-start scenarios extremely straightforward and is another example of how electric vehicles benefit city life. 

If you enjoy a bit of acceleration then you’re in for a treat. The instant torque, or turning power, provided by electric vehicles allows them to gain speed incredibly quickly. Most electric vehicles hit 60mph in less than 8 seconds while some of the pricier models achieve this in less than 3 seconds. 



The main trademark of the electric vehicle is instant, quick and seamless acceleration. On top of this, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to combustion vehicles which have been dominant for so long. At some point in the future, electric vehicles will be the only option if we truly plan on preserving our planet and protecting the environment. 

Electric vehicles are without a doubt still in their technological infancy. But the advantages they already offer have made it easier to make the switch sooner rather than later.

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