Making The Workplace Comfortable For Everyone

A recent study has suggested that outdated air conditioning systems could be making the office too cold for women.

Nothing divides an office more than the temperature. While some people are happily working away, others may be too hot or too cold. Finding that perfect middle ground can be difficult – and a recent study has found out why that may be the case. It’s been proposed that air conditioning systems benefit men a lot more than women, and that when people disagree about the temperature in the office it’s often between the two genders. Is there a way to please everyone?

A Source Of Frustration

You’ll often find workmates squabbling over the temperature in the office. Someone will be perfectly content before someone else adjusts the air conditioning – and then it’s only a matter of time before an argument starts. Have you ever noticed though, that it’s often male and female members of staff disagreeing over if it’s too hot or too cold? Well, it’s for good reason. According to a recent study, air conditioning systems make the temperature comfortable for men, but not so much women.

Why Finding a Compromise Is Hard

Some air conditioning systems are based on the resting metabolic rate of the average 40-year-old man. They’re often more comfortable at lower temperatures than their female counterparts. The result? Male employees may be perfectly fine with the air conditioning turned up, while their female colleagues are left feeling decidedly chilly. However, there are two sides to the coin. Men are often expected to wear suits, ties and smart shirts; while women are free to wear short sleeved dresses and blouses. So finding a temperature that everyone is comfortable at can be tricky when you take these differing dress codes into account. So is there a way to make everyone happy?

Times Are Changing

So what’s the solution? Well, the air conditioning industry is moving with the times. The workforce isn’t as dominated by men as it once was, and it’s important that everyone feels comfortable. Modern air conditioning systems now allow for localised cooling spots. This is down to directional fans, which provide targeted areas with a constant supply of cool air. So male members of staff can be cool, calm and collected in their suits, while their female co-workers don’t need to feel so chilly. It’s the kind of system that pleases everyone!

Productivity Will Rise

It’s really important that employees are as happy as possible in the workplace, and that includes working at the correct temperature. By taking the action required to make sure that everyone is happy with the air conditioning levels, you’ll find that productivity increases dramatically and your team work better together. Well, with no disagreements relating to the temperature, it’s no surprise that everyone would get on well.

End The Air-Con Sexism

When you’ve got people with different needs working in the same office, it can be difficult to please everyone. When it comes to the temperature though, there’s need for compromises that don’t really benefit anyone. Thanks to the latest innovative air conditioning technology, the workplace can be comfortable for everyone – no matter what time of year it is or what they’re wearing. So with summer on the way, could it be time for the system in your office to be upgraded?

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