Samsung air con for officesInnovation Powers The Latest Air Conditioning Units From Samsung

If you are concerned about the impact that air conditioning may have on the environment; the latest Samsung unit might be just what you are looking for.

Innovation is at the heart of everything that Samsung produces, and that includes their highly regarded range of air conditioning units. As a global player, Samsung recognises the need for improved energy efficiency in order to help combat the growing energy demand that we are making on our planet.

Therefore, their research and development team has been working tirelessly to lower the energy consumption of their units, and the results are impressive. Now you and your employees can enjoy the many benefits of having an air conditioning unit installed without the worry of excessively impacting your energy consumption.

An Even Temperature, Without The Uneven Power Usage

Thanks to a spectacularly energy-efficient digital inverter that has an energy efficiency rating of 10.1, the new Samsung Air Conditioner can help you maintain a steady temperature without sending your energy bills through the roof.

The digital inverter performs this miraculous task by keeping the temperature even in your room without having to repeatedly shut down and turn on the unit, thus saving losses due to high temperature fluctuations. This means that your company’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced – lessening the impact that your business has on the environment and lowering your energy bills, too.

Triangular Design Improves Efficiency

Thanks to its sleek triangular design, the Samsung Air Conditioner is able to quickly cool the air in a far more efficient manner than previous models were able to. With a wider inlet that allows a greater volume of air to be drawn into the unit and a larger fan pushing air across extra v-blades inside a wider outlet, the Samsung Air Conditioner keeps you comfortable wherever you are in the room.

Single Users Can Stay Cool, Too

The latest in the range of Samsung’s air conditioning units offers users the opportunity to keep cool on the hottest days, even when they’re the only person in the room! Thanks to the innovative single user mode, which uses a lower compressor capacity that lessens power consumption, you can now enjoy a cool climate without having to worry about the impact that your comfort is having on your electricity bill.

Better Health Thanks To The Virus Doctor

Airborne contaminants and allergens can wreak havoc on a workplace, so doing all that you can to eliminate them will help you keep your employees healthy and your business productive. Samsung’s latest air conditioning unit features an Easy Filter that removes dust from the atmosphere along with the numerous airborne allergens and contaminants, including the Influenza A and Corona viruses, which are captured by the Virus Doctor.

The Easy Filter lives up to its name when it comes to cleaning time. Unlike many other manufacturers, Samsung have addressed the issue of accessibility by installing the Easy Filter on the outside of the unit, discretely placed at the top. This makes removing the filter for cleaning a breeze instead of a chore, saving you time whilst removing the worry that you may damage the filter due to the awkwardness of its positioning.

Professionally Installed

Our team of approved electrical contractors will visit your premises and ensure that your Samsung Air Conditioning unit is positioned correctly for maximum efficiency and ease of use. With its built-in self-diagnosis feature, the Samsung Air Conditioner will let you know if anything goes awry. The unit automatically checks for faults such as poor refrigerant flow, problems communicating with the external unit and integrity issues with the air pipe – giving you peace of mind as well as a stress-free, happy workplace.

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