Fujikura S70 Fusion Splicer

Quick and Efficient Fibre Cabling

Project Skills Solutions has invested in a state of the art fusion splicer which will allow more efficient, quicker and higher quality fibre cabling installation for clients. With an increased demand for structurally secure networking embracing newer technologies such as fibre optic, a top grade fusion splicer helps installers create a high quality network for their clients in the shortest time possible.

Established industry Expertise

Project Skills Solutions provide a range of business support services including air conditioning, CCTV and building services but it’s the fibre optic cabling side of the business the company has invested in with the new 70S fusion splicer.

Fujikura have been a leading industry expert in fusion splicers in Europe since 1988. Using the 70S fusion splicer means Project Skills Solutions can enhance their already comprehensive fibre cabling installation service with a machine that is designed with quality in mind, but can also achieve the completion of cabling work in a shorter timeframe than previously.


The 70S is designed to be used in various circumstances including outdoor and, thanks to its long-life Li-ion battery, in locations where there’s no power supply. Its rugged construction means it can resist shock, dust and water so can be used for outdoor cabling work – the makers say it can withstand drops of up to 30 inches from the ground.

The heavy duty carrying case with an integrated work station means the 70S is a unit that can be ready for operation even in the more awkward places – and there are plenty of those encountered during many fibre cabling projects.

The large and clear LCD screen is designed to be easy to read in various conditions, so whether in darker conditions or bright sunlight the 70S can be used quickly and efficiently to ensure the client’s networking is completed in the shortest time possible.

The 70S can be used in various humidity conditions and a wide temperature range; from -10 to 50℃.

Automated But Customisable

The 70S gives fibre cabling installers the best of both worlds in terms of standardising repetitive cabling splicing tasks yet affording plenty of customisation. The basic splicing routine is an easy four step process, and heating the tube ready for splicing is very quick – taking from 9 to a maximum of 14 seconds depending on the type of cable.

Quality First

Speed and efficiency is obviously important so as to complete a cable networking project as soon as possible, but a major attraction of the 70S is the quality of fusion splicing its capable of producing when in the right hands.

Once installed, fibre cabling needs to provide years of reliable service. Cables can take much punishment over the years, especially those running outdoors, so best quality cable splicing is vital to keep the connections strong over time. Also, with Internet speeds constantly increasing, it is vital that fibre cable connections do not become the weakest link in that hinders high speed connectivity.
Fujikura have delivered on this front over the years – the 60S (predecessor of the 70S) was a much-respected and very popular fusion splicer, and the 70S offers improvements on this already-strong piece of equipment.

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