Our cable installation services were once again required on a project at the Thames Oilport in Essex. We have carried out numerous cabling activities at this site over the past 6 years as it is developed. To work on this site due to its hazardous nature our engineers have to go through a site induction. So, now we have successfully completed a string of cabling projects we are increasing involved on a wide range of projects.

Fibre Optic cable testing

Before any works could commence our project manager and health and safety manager had to attend site. This was required to carryout a full risk assessment and develop the RAMS for these works to be carried out safely. Once these were available the first task was for our cabling engineers to test the legacy fibre cabling. This allowed the location of faults using a OTDR tester and confirmation of routes between various buildings. With over 7km of fibre cable tested through multiple joints and patch panels the cable test results were completed. This allowed the next phase of the cabling works to commence.

Cable Installation

The cable installation involved a wide range of cable types and sizes both fibre and copper. Cabling routes were difficult and challenging using galvanised metal basket and tray through tunnels and at height. All cables being required to be stainless steel & PVC tie wraps ratcheted to secure them to the containment. The cable installation included 1km of single mode cable between two buildings with patch panels and wall boxes. Furthermore our team of 6 cable pullers worked hard to install cabling totalling over 6km in pretty appalling weather. The size of copper cabling to be installed presented challenges due to the weight, length and routes all requiring tie wrapping to tray work.

  • 27 core 2.5mm swa -Circa 600m
  • 10pr 1.5mm swa -Circa 200m
  • 20pr 1.5mm swa-  Circa 2km
  • 4 core 50mm SWA Power Cable-Circa 330m
  • 5 Core 16mm SWA Power Cable-Circa 340m
  • 2 Pair 1.5mm- Circa 825m
  • 4 core 4mm-Circa 1km
  • 2pr 1.5mm -circa 1.2km
  • 1pr 1.5mm -Circa 1km
  • 2c 2.5mm-Circa 400m

The cable installation was completed and handed over on time meeting the projects milestones and clients quality standards.

This is another cabling project in Essex that has required our range of skills to complete.

Cable Installation Services
Start of the cabling project at Thames oilport

Team at project in PPE

Cable Installation van and trailer
Cable installation Van and Cable drum trailer
Site Induction
Site Induction

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