Clients require fibre optic testing for numerous reasons such as cable faults, network underperformance or proving fibre routes. To ensure your fibre cable installation is of the highest quality and meets all the required speeds and standards we offer a complete range of fibre testing solutions. This requires experienced engineers and a multitude of specialist test equipment.  We are equipped with the right tools to carry out fibre optic fault finding and fibre optic testing using an OTDR, CD/PMD and visible light source on the following modes of Fibre optic cables;

  • OS1 9/125,
  • OS2 9/125
  • OM1 62.5/125,
  • OM2 50/125,
  • OM3 50/125,
  • OM4 50/125

Fibre Optic Cable Testing Services

The importance of correctly testing fibre optic cables is how it significantly contributes to network performance, reliability and manageability. Furthermore, being the final procedure of the fibre cabling process it proves the quality and function of the installation.

All of the cables we install are OTDR tested and results are produced to confirm that the installed cables are working correctly so that you are confident in your cabling systems after the works are complete.

Our Case studies show our experience providing these services to a wide range of sectors. These include the MOD, BT, Health and petrochemical projects with nationwide coverage.

Fibre Optic Testing

Simple Fibre optic testing can be shining a light from a visible light source at one end of the cable and seeing the light at the other end. However, this does not prove the fibre cable will perform correctly as even a shattered fibre cable can pass light. This method is generally used to identify the correct fibre at each end of a cable.

So the first fibre optic test with measurement in many installations is carried out using a Light Source and power meter LSPM. This shines a known intensity of light down the cable and is measured at the received end for loss. This will identify if the cable is working within the loss budget calculated for the installed network configuration.

Unlike the LSPM an OTDR consists of a high-power laser transmitter that sends a plus of light down the fibre cable over many kilometres. For each measurement, the OTDR sends out a very high power pulse and measures the light coming back over time. It will identify the length of the fibre cable along with loss caused by backscattered and reflected light caused by poor splicing and cable faults.

Our fibre testing engineers are able to carry out the identification of dark fibre spares to provide new routes on legacy networks. Once identified the routes through multiple locations over many miles they can splice to provide the required route. Then they will test the cables using OTDR and CD/PMD testers to ensure compliance with the network specification.

Fibre Optic Test

If you want to see how we carry out fibre optic testing in a real environment allowing you to relate to your requirement. Take a look at our Fibre Optic Testing – VM02 Network case study which shows our engineers in action.

We also offer Fibre Cable repairs

Along with the testing and fault finding comes our repairing works. If we find a fault, we can carry out repairs on-site with our fully equipped mobile test facilities that allow cables to be spliced and tested within vehicles, plant areas or buildings. Our services can be provided 24/7 on contracts with our clients.

Fibre Optic repair and testing Works Fibre Optic Cable Repair night shift

Fibre Optic Cable Installation

If the worse happened and the fibre optic testing failed and the cabling was beyond repair then we can install new fibre optic cables. Our engineers can survey and advise the best solutions to replace or install the new fibre cabling. They can specify the correct fibre mode and type to meet the environment in which the cable will be installed. This can reduce the chances of repeat instances requiring cable replacement such as rodent damage.

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