The EICR electrical testing of tenanted properties is a requirement that has to be carried out every 5 years or change of tenant. So this electrical testing is an ongoing requirement for housing associations to keep their properties compliant and tenants safe. First of all this work was outsourced to OpenView Security Solutions taking the role of the main contractor. Finally, due to the high volume of EICR testing required, we were engaged as an EICR testing specialist subcontractor.

Fixed Wire Electrical Testing

First of all large batches of properties are allocated to us for fixed wire electrical testing and certification. For the reason of this batched high volume of testing our project team is required to control and program all of the following.

  • Posting Letters to all tenants to notify them of information about the electrical testing works required.
  • Followed up by calling the tenants to book an appointment and allocating an engineer.
  • Automated Text message and pre-visit phone calls to confirm the appointment

Our methods have been developed to ensure that the tenants are properly advised of the electrical testing works and to avoid no access. As a result our electricians are able to carry out the required EICR testing of the property which typically can involve: –

  • Fuse board replacement to a metal Clad fuse board, if in the main fire exit area or not RCD protected
  • Also, upgrade of the meter Tails as required by current regs.
  • Furthermore, the installation and or replacement of Smoke and Heat alarms for the new Aico EI300 range to include Radio Links. If no wired connections are in place and if the detection is non-functional, out of date or not present
  • Also, replacement of Bathroom lights to new Sealed IP rated LED Lights
  • Similarly, replacement where required of the Kitchen lights to a new Thorn Fitting
  • Finally, check over of all of the properties wiring and accessories and replacement and upgrade as required

EICR Testing

So how do we efficiently carry out over 1000 EICR’s a month every month throughout the year. First of all our electricians who carry out the fixed wire inspection and testing complete the EICR digitally on their IPAD. This allows them to be accessed and checked by the electrical support team back at base. This ensures that our clients have correctly carried out and completed¬† EICR for every property. Finally, for traceability and audit, all works are photographed and uploaded for checking by the project team.

Project Skills Solutions have developed a range of Social housing electrical services to offer day-to-day reactive and planned maintenance works along with 24/7 emergency cover. This means that our clients can call on our services every day of the year for when those unexpected electrical emergencies occur.

EICR Testing Essex and London

Our head office is in Basildon which means we can provide fast and competitive EICR testing services in Essex and London. Our electricians will carry out full electrical testing to ensure that your property is safe and compliant with the latest electrical regulations. Furthermore, If during the EICR test we find any faults we will advise you what has to be rectified. We will provide you with a cost and if agreed clear the failures during the fixed wire inspection. Finally, on satisfactory completion of the EICR test, a certificate will be issued.

If you want to know what takes place during the EICR test then here is some helpful information. If you require an EICR test in Essex or London it makes sense to choose an Essex-based NICEIC approved electrical contractor such as Project Skills Solutions. Finally, If you require a free electrical testing quotation or just some guideline prices click here.

Electrical Contractor

Housing Authorities with large housing stock are faced with the massive challenges in keeping them electrically safe. This requires them to engage the services of a main contractor to support these electrical requirements. This in-turn may be further supported by an electrical contracting company such as Project Skills Solutions.

Working to agreed rates planned and reactive electrical works can be carried out very quickly and cost-effectively. To provide these services you have to be of a certain size and setup. Trading for 16 years and over the last 5 years we have become specialists in supporting such contracts with over 20 electricians, office support team and an experienced management team.

Electrical Testing Services
Electrical Maintenance Team

Services Carried Out

  • Fixed Wire Test and Inspection
  • Periodic Inspection of fixed wiring
  • Electrical Testing
  • EICR Electrical Certification
  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • EICR Test
  • EICR fault rectification
  • EICR remedial works
  • Kitchen Upgrades
  • Voids electrical works
  • Electrical Installation
  • Electrical Emergency Callouts 24/7

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