What Is An EICR and what does an EICR Cost

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is an inspection of the condition of an existing electrical installation. This will identify any deficiencies to the fixed wiring against the national safety standard for electrical installations. Up until 2011 this was called a Periodic inspection report but can also be called Electrical testing, Fixed wire testing and EICR. An EICR test should be carried out by a suitably qualified electrical contractor who has a good working knowledge and experience of electrical installations. The results should be reported on a form that complies with the current wiring regulations, BS7671:2008+A3:2015.

Project Skills Solutions are NICEIC approved contractors. 

So our EICR will be an NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition Report which is completed as the test and inspection take place. An EICR report is very detailed. The range of tests carried out on each circuit ensures that the safety measures that have been put in place will operate correctly in fault conditions.

EICR test includes determining

  • The earth fault path is effective enough to result in automatic disconnection of the supply in the event of a fault
  • All of the wiring is in good condition
  • That the residual current device (RCD) operates quickly enough to avoid any danger to the users of the installation.


EICR Pricing Table - EICR in Essex and London
Guide EICR cost for domestic and business properties


So you are required to have your premises tested the table below shows you the frequency for all types of buildings.
The EICR cost is worked out by the number of electrical circuits that you have in the building. This is the norm as it has been found to be the quickest way to price the testing. So how do you fin out how many circuits the building has there are several ways:-

  • Count them on the existing EICR or send a copy through to us and we will calculate the circuit numbers.
  • You can also count the number of breakers in each distribution board in the building or take a photo and gain e-mail and we will calculate the EICR cost.

If you require an EICR COST (quote) you can go to our website and use the (click >>) CHAT or use this >>contact us or call 0800 0213 264

If you get it wrong its not a problem. During the test, our electricians will draw up a new EICR showing how many circuits there actually are and the charge per circuit will be applied.  The EICR cost given at the time of enquiry can often be exact and can be used so you know the price before the testing takes place.  You can get a price by using our website chat or e-mailing the required information as described above. Check our FAQ if you are still unsure.

During the fixed wire testing any faults are found these will be noted on the test report and those deemed serious will need to be rectified. We will raise a quote for these works as soon as possible so that they can be rectified and an EICR issued.

The time required for the EICR testing depends on the number of circuits generally small buildings with one fuse board will take about 1/2 a day and upwards for larger buildings that can take days. So don’t leave planning this until when the certificate expires as there is a lead time for agreeing on the price and booking the test and it is completed. Remember your building insurance may be invalid if you don’t have a current EICR check with your insurer.

When Am I Required To Have An EICR Carried Out?

An EICR is quite often an insurance requirement but below shows the guidelines for the different types of buildings.

Type of InstallationRoutine check
sub-clause 3.5
Maximum period between Inspections
and testing as necessary
see notes
General Installation
Educational estab
Residential accom
Sellers pack
1 year
4 months
1 year
1 year
any change / 1 year
1 year
1 year
1 year
any change/10 yrs
any change/5 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
5 years
Buildings open to the public.
Cinemas1 year3 year2,6,7
Church installations1 year5 years2
Leisure complexes(no pools)1 year3 years1,2,6
Public entertainment1 year3 years1,2,6
Restaurants / Hotels1 year5 years1,2,6
Theatres1 year3 years2,6,7
Public houses / Bars1 year5 years1,2,6
Village hall/centres1 year5 years1,2
Special Installations
Agricultural / Horticultural1 year3 years1,2
Caravans1 year3 years0.0
Caravan Parks6 Months1 year1,2,6
Highway power suppliesas convenient6 years0.0
Marinas4 Months1 year1,2
Fish farms4 Months1 year1,2
Swimming pools4 Months1 year1,2,6
Emergency lightingDaily / Monthly3 years2,3,4
Fire AlarmsDaily/weekly/monthly1 year2,4,5
Laundrettes1 year1 years1,2,6
Petrol stations1 year1 year1,2,6
Construction sites3 Months3 Months1,2


If you need some more information on who can carry out an EICR visit this blog.

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