Firstly an EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition report also commonly referred to as fixed wire testing. Providing an EICR involves an in-depth visual inspection and complex electrical tests of your property’s electrical system.

So, who can I get to carry out an EICR on my property? Firstly, this should only be carried out by an electrically competent and qualified electrician. As an NICEIC approved electrical contractor we ensure that our electricians are kept fully up to date with the latest regulations and laws. It’s important that you understand what takes place during an EICR so you can appreciate why you need to select a suitable electrical contractor.

Why choose an NICEIC contractor?Electrical contractor Basildon Essex

The main benefits of using an NICEIC registered contractor are:

Safety and competence

Contractors registered by NICEIC are assessed on an annual basis to ensure that they are competent and capable of meeting the relevant technical and safety standards, codes of practice, and rules of the Schemes they are registered to. Furthermore, the audit involves site visits to inspect completed works by the contractor are satisfactory.

Compliance with building regulations

Contractors registered to NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes in England and Wales are authorized to self-certify their work to the Local Building Control Body. This saves you both time and money when undertaking work that requires notification under the Building Regulations.

Finally, you should always check that the electrical contractor is listed on the NICEIC site before you engage them to carry out any electrical works.

Getting an EICR for your property

If you are buying a new property getting an EICR is like an MOT on the building electrical systems & wiring. It’s a sensible decision considering it provides one of the most important services in a building. Furthermore, defective electrical systems can be expensive to rectify and in the worst case be extremely dangerous.

Finally, if you are a landlord from 1st April 2021, all existing specified tenancies will require an EICR electrical safety check to be in place. If you want to find out more about the Private Rented Sector Scheme and EICR Electrical safety check click here.

What’s involved in an EICR

There are two kinds of checks that are involved in an EICR.

Firstly the  Visual Inspection will identify signs of defects, substandard works, damage, and general deterioration. This part of the EICR can take place without any power disruption. However, access throughout the premises will be required by the electrician to carry out the inspection.

What is Visually Checked?

  • Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)
  • Electrical Sockets
  • Light switches and fittings
  • Electrical Cables
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Kitchen & bathroom safety

Secondly, the electrical testing will involve turning off your electricity for a short period to allow us to identify any hidden defects. These tests will include the operation of electrical safety devices that are in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

If you still have unanswered questions take a look at our EICR FAQ here.

What happens if the property fails the EICR

Well firstly don’t panic everything can be rectified and in most cases while our electrician is at the property.

What are the most common EICR failures?

  1. Earth bonding is very important as it provides a safe route for the current to flow instead of causing electric shock. The protection devices RCD’s measure any current flowing to earth and trip your supply to protect occupants. This EICR failure can be caused by bonding cables being removed when other works are carried out for example removed from copper pipes or meters intakes.
  2. Lack of RCD protection (Residual Current Device) which is an important safety device. It is particularly important for sockets outside used to supply equipment such as lawnmowers etc. A consumer unit with no RCD protection will generally require replacement for an EICR to be produced.
  3. Supply and earthing cables incorrectly sized due to alternations or the property having more appliances added over the years. Modern homes generally are using more and more electricity with appliances like electric showers, electric ovens outside lighting and workshops & man caves.
  4. General wear and tear effecting sockets, light pendants, and wiring.

EICR Failure Images


EICR Failure EICR Failure EICR Testing faults found during inspection Electrical EICR Testing typical faults


If your property fails an EICR then the faults will be categorized advising immediate, urgent improvement or further investigation required.  Generally, as we do so many EICR tests we will give a quote while our electrician is onsite from set rate schedules. Our electricians have fully equipped vans so they are able to carry out most works immediately.

EICR Cost - Instant Quote

So unless you have a major wiring failure the EICR test can be carried and faults cleared in the same visit. If you do require more extensive works we would schedule these as a priority and get the works carried out in the following days. Take a look at our blog Electrical Safety Certificate – How? What? and Why? – Your questions answered! to help you with any questions on the EICR procedures.


Finally, you don’t pay any premium for all the additional assurances that you get by using Project Skills Solutions to provide your  EICR.

See our EICR guide cost prices here and cases studies.

If you are a landlord requiring an electrical certificate for your properties click here for more information. 

We can also provide a range of services to commercial property managers and Social Housing Associations.

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