Firstly an EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition report also commonly referred to as fixed wire testing. Providing an EICR involves an in-depth visual inspection and complex electrical tests of your properties electrical system. So, this should only be carried out by an electrically competent and qualified electrician. As an NICEIC approved electrical contractor we ensure that our electricians are kept fully up to date with the latest regulations and laws.

Getting your electrics Checked

If you are buying a new property getting an EICR is like an MOT on the building electrical systems & wiring. It’s a sensible decision considering it provides one of the most important services in a building. Furthermore, defective electrical systems can be expensive to rectify and in the worst case be extremely dangerous.

What’s involved in an EICR

There are two kinds of checks that are involved in an EICR.

Firstly the  Visual Inspection which will identify signs of defects, substandard works, damage and general deterioration. This part of the EICR can take place without any power disruption. However, access throughout the premises will be required by the electrician carry out the inspection.

What is Visually Checked?

  • Consumer Unit (Fuse Board)
  • Electrical Sockets
  • Light switches and fittings
  • Electrical Cables
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Kitchen & bathroom safety

Secondly, the electrical testing that will involve turning off electric’s to allow us to identify any hidden defects. These tests will include the operation of electrical safety devices are in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

Landlords are now required by law to have an EICR see the Private Rented Sector Scheme. If you still have unanswered questions take a look at our EICR FAQ here.

NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractor

So we have explained the reasons why you require an EICR and what’s involved and who should be used to carry it out. So will an EICR cost more and do I need an approved electrical contractor? Its not a requirement to be approved but you gain the benefit of knowing that we are externally checked for competence every year. Our work is thoroughly checked and work sites visited by the NICEIC inspector and we have passed every year since we joined in 2006.

Finally, you don’t pay any premium for all the additional assurances that you get by using Project Skills Solutions to provide your  EICR. See our guide prices here and cases studies.

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