So you may be considering buying an electric car or have taken the decision and its on its way. Planning how you are going to keep the electric vehicle charged presents an array of options to consider.
It can initially cause some anxiety as you can no longer pull in and fill up in a few minutes like a fossil-fuelled car. As an electric car owner, I can state this soon disappears once you have a charging option plan in place. So you have the option to use fast chargers at various locations try “Zap-Map” to find the nearest, check the charge rate and if they are in use. However, you should also consider the convenience of electric car charging points installation at home or your workplace.

Charging an electric car at home

There are many benefits of having the ability to charge your electric vehicle at home.

  • Plugging into your home EV charger on your drive will allow you to charge up while you are at home ready for the next day.
  • No queuing, waiting or charge network membership required just plugin which takes a few minutes.
  • You can get a reduced £350 grant for purchasing and installing a home charger with the OLEV grant (subject to using an OLEV approved installation company)
  • Get a competitive rate on your electricity supply, and you could be paying around 12p per KWh and 8p per kWh at night, making it economical to charge and run your Electric Vehicle.

Project Skills Solutions are OLEV authorised installers, and NICEIC registered so can provide you with expert advice and installation. So what’s the process for getting your electric vehicle home charging point installed.

  • Contact us, call 0800 0213 264 or use our chat.
  • We will provide advice on best Product, Charge Size and options on location for you electric vehicle charging point.
  • As an OLEV approved installer, we will complete all the required paperwork for your OLEV grant.
  • On completion of the Electric Car Charging Points Installation, we will thoroughly test for safety and operation.
  • All electrical works will be certified and guaranteed.

EV Installation Guide

As long as you have off-road parking, for example, a drive, then the electric vehicle charge point can be installed. The EV Charge points are fully waterproof and can charge in all seasons. Here is some helpful information on what’s involved in the installation for you to consider.


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