We are excited to share updates on our fibre optic cabling projects for an East London council. These projects support the rollout of security cameras across the borough, enhancing the security infrastructure. Consequently, the new cabling network ensures high-quality and reliable transmission of surveillance footage to the central control room.

Initially, many routes lacked connectivity between the control room and camera locations. To address this, our team conducted comprehensive surveys and identified the need for new ducting and pits. After finalising the design, we coordinated with civil engineering contractors to establish the required ducting routes. This phase involved planning arranging traffic management and obtaining necessary permits.

Subsequently, after completing the civil works, our skilled cabling engineers installed the fibre optic network and set up electrical supplies for the cameras. Our team prioritised quality and precision throughout the installation to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Next, our fibre optic engineers conducted thorough tests to ensure the network met all specifications and performance benchmarks. This rigorous fibre testing phase ensured reliable and efficient operation, providing the council with a dependable surveillance system.

These projects, carried out throughout 2023 and 2024, showcase our commitment to delivering high-quality network solutions. By leveraging our expertise in fibre optic cabling and project management, we enhanced the security infrastructure for the East London Council, ensuring safer communities.

For more information about our fibre optic cabling services and other projects, please visit our services pages. We look forward to continuing our work in providing top-tier network solutions and supporting public safety initiatives.

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Tarmac reinstatement after cable duct installation Closed footpath for cable duct installation

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