PSS Installations provide total fibre optic cabling communication solutions including the fibre optic transmission equipment. We offer the design, supply and installation of fibre optic network cabling and the fibre transmission equipment to allow communications across longer distances that are possible over copper cabling. Our design allows for the electrical signal to be converted by a media converter into light sent over a fibre cable external or internal over any distance and then converted back from light to an electrical signal at the other end. This is often used for linking servers in different buildings and provides IT managers with a fibre optic communication total solution.

Fibre Optic Transmission Equipment

This can be achieved by either installing a single stand-alone media converter which has a fibre adapter as an input and then a single RJ45 port as the output, this will then patch into your existing network switch. The alternative is to purchase a network switch which comes with built-in SFP slots (small form factor transmission ports) this then allows you to purchase the SFP ports singularly and simply plug them in. Once installed the fibre can be patched direct from the patch panel to the switch, this then allows you to connect multiple buildings or floors back to your main network.

Typical applications include:

  • Floor to floor fibre links
  • Building to building fibre links within one site
  • Campus to campus links one site to another site
  • CCTV camera locations – recorders

One of the many benefits of fibre optic cabling includes being able to carry information long distances without losing information. If you have a site that requires a communications (data or voice) network spread over long distances, fibre optic cabling will be your networks best option. Using fibre optic transmission equipment you can use fibre to connect buildings over a long distance then switch to copper cabling inside the building to desks. This is ideal for large campuses or sites for Universities and large companies.

We are able to quote (budgetary) off drawing provided they have dimensions and duct routes or we can carry out a FREE Survey. Call us to discuss your fibre optic communication requirement.


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