Mitsubishi Electric VRF Air Conditioning SystemIt’s hard to find a temperature for your workplace that everyone can agree on, but with this simple advice, you can know exactly where your thermostat should be.

It seems impossible to get a group of people to agree on the most acceptable temperature for a room, which can often cause issues in a workplace. How does one know what the perfect room temperature is?

The correct temperature for a working environment can differ considerably depending on the kind of work being done, which can cause further confusion when deciding on the right temperature for your workplace. However, there are some simple guidelines to follow that can take all of the stress out of this issue, and ensure that arguments no longer occur about what number the heating should be on.

How Do I Know the Perfect Temperature for my Workplace?

The range of recommended temperatures is designed to match different types of work in different environments. For example, the suggested temperature for heavy work in a factory is 13°C, whereas lighter work in the same environment comes with a recommended temperature of 16°C.

For offices, the temperature should normally be at 20°C, but again this depends on the kind of work being done within the office environment.

These guidelines are important, but also not the be all and end all of the conversation. For example, women tend to be colder on average than men, meaning that a female heavy workforce may require the temperature to be slightly higher, and vice versa for predominantly male staff.

Localised Air Conditioning

It can be difficult, especially if there are many different aspects of your business, to find a temperature that is suitable for the entire space.

If some people are taking care of more physical or energetic work, they will need the temperature to be at a lower heat than those who are taking care of less strenuous activities, such as computer based work.

This is where localised and directional air conditioning can be a real assistance, giving the chance to keep different sections of an office at different temperatures to ensure that everybody is comfortable and safe. Some Samsung air conditioning units provide some advanced directional features.

The Risks of Working at the Wrong Temperature

Many of us can understand how unpleasant heat stroke can be after spending a little too much time in the sun. Headaches, dizziness, and an inability to concentrate are often symptoms of being in an overly hot environment, and this won’t only affect your work, but also your health.

Even lower temperatures that are still too warm can lead to tiredness and a lack of energy, which is not the way to maintain a motivated working environment.

On the other side, being too cold is no more comfortable, and can also slow down work as well as presenting a different set of health risks to staff.

Some people prefer a warmer environment, others prefer a cooler feel, but as long as you follow the official guidelines and utilise some common sense, such as incorporating directional and localised air conditioning where necessary, you can ensure that all staff will be happy, comfortable, and motivated to work, and you can finally put an end to the lifelong debate about that right temperature for the office to be to keep everybody happy.

If you need professional advice on setting up a perfect working environment, our expert air conditioning installers will assess your workplace and provide the perfect solution. Project Skills is a specialist Mitsubishi installer, learn more about commercial air conditioning services here.

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