PSS InstallationsĀ recently undertook a fixed wire test and inspection of a junior school in Essex after submitting the most competitive quotation.

The electrical testing required 119 circuits and 12 distribution boards to be tested in the summer holidays.
The fixed wire testing and certification would involve the following:

  • There will be a visual inspection of the installation
  • There will be an Earth electrode resistance tests conducted (if applicable)
  • Testing of the CPC and earth bonding
  • Ring main continuity test (if applicable)
  • Insulation Resistance test
  • Polarity test
  • RCD test
  • There will be an Earth fault loop impedance test conducted

EICR Electrical Testing

Once completed the full report was issued detailing any failures and their failure code.

Code C1 “Danger Present”. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.
Code C2 “Potentially dangerous”. Urgent remedial action required.
Code C3 “Improvement recommended”.
Code FI “Further investigation required without delay”.

It is surprising that we found faults after most of the fixed wire tests. Even some of the buildings that had been regularly tested in the past failed this time around. Public buildings, particularly schools, are extremely busy places. Occupants frequently use areas that may be exposed to electrical faults. Because of this, it’s essential for these tests to be carried as required by the HSE.

The failures vary from blanking plates missing on distribution boards (please see attached pictures for reference). These are often removed for electrical works but not refitted which results in a C1 failure “Danger Present”. These can result in a risk of injury and immediate remedial actions are required. These boards are generally in restricted access areas so are not a direct hazard to the general public but require immediate rectification simply with a plastic blanking plate being inserted. Another regular failure is electrical works not being done to a good standard or compliant to the latest regulations.

The remedial works are always brought to the attention of the client throughout the testing period and all the required remedial works quoted for within 24 hours of the EICR being issued.
All codes showing failures were rectified and a new electrical certificate issued on completion allowing us to leave the school in an electrically safe condition for the start of the new term.

Services Carried Out

  • Fixed Wire Test and Inspection
  • Periodic Inspection of fixed wiring
  • Electrical Testing
  • EICR Electrical Certification
  • Emergency Lighting Testing

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